5 things you SHOULD NOT DO if you are injured in a car accident.

5 things you SHOULD NOT DO if you are injured in a car accident

  1. Admit fault. While you may want to apologize, this is considered an admission of wrongdoing, so say as little as possible.
  2. Only take photos of vehicle damages. The other driver can easily claim that their car was also damaged in other areas, if you cannot refute this with evidence, so take photos of everything.
  3. Give a statement. An insurance adjuster may be lurking around and want to ask you questions. You do not legally have to say anything, and it is in your best interest to keep your mouth shut.
  4. Guess facts. Don’t tell the insurance company or police what you think potentially happened. Only state what you know.
  5. Throw away receipts. If you have a valid claim for injuries resulting from a car accident, your medical expenses are only a portion of your costs. Time out of work, the need for a housekeeper or babysitter, and other expenses need to be documented and saved.

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