Family Law Case Results

Protecting Custody When Spouse Exhibited Significant Mental Illness

Following separation, Mother exhibited threatening and significant mental health concerns. The Firm assisted Father in obtaining emergency custody of the minor child (age 5) and a psychological evaluation of Mother. Mother sought treatment and reestablished stability. The safety and well-being of the minor child was protected throughout the process. Following the case, the parties began working together amicably and transitioning to a more balanced custody schedule.

Protecting Confidentiality and Goodwill in High Net Worth Case

Husband and Wife owned a successful international business which generated significant revenue for the marital estate. The firm assisted Wife in obtaining a confidential, multi-million dollar settlement in addition to the marital residence as her separate property. Wife was able to maintain an amicable and professional relationship with Husband.

Financial Recovery and Protection for a Victim of Domestic Violence

A victim of domestic violence sought assistance from the Firm in a complex case involving a criminal charge, a domestic violence protective order and Title IX university proceedings. The alleged attacker agreed to no-contact terms, a financial settlement and was expelled from the university.

Custody and Child Support in a Complex Case

Over the course of a lengthy negotiation and two-day mediation, the Firm successfully obtained a favorable agreement for Wife in all issues. Despite challenges presented by Husband international business dealings and aggressive opposing counsel, Wife secured primary physical custody and significant child support terms.

Financial Support for a Disabled Spouse

Following a lengthy marriage in which Husband went on disability, Wife left and provided minimal financial support. Husband was in need of alimony but wanted to avoid litigation. The Firm represented Husband in a successful negotiation with Wife, a dentist, and her attorney, resulting in a significant alimony award.

Emergency Custody Following Criminal Charges

Wife required immediate assistance following Husband’s arrest on criminal charges. The Firm obtained emergency custody of the minor child for Wife and successfully defending Husband’s arguments in the returning hearing to maintain primary custody thereafter.

Protecting a Contested Business Interest

In a high net worth case, Husband’s ownership interest in his business was contested by Wife. The Firm assisted Husband in a complex negotiation involving a business valuation as well as analysis of corporate assets and liabilities. A favorable, private resolution was reached which limited Husband’s personal and corporate legal exposure.

Limiting Alimony Exposure for Working Parent

Wife, a mother and working professional, left an abusive relationship. Husband presented a number of challenges in this high-conflict case, seeking equal custody, post separation support and alimony. Through negotiations, the firm obtained a settlement in which Wife maintained primary custody and secured a waiver of Husband’s spousal support claims. When communication problems persisted, the Firm worked to appoint a parenting coordinate to reduce conflict assist with custody disputes.

Protecting Grandparents’ Custodial Rights

Following the incarceration of both of the minor child’s parents, Grandparents sought and were awarded primary physical custody and sole legal custody. The Firm has continued to assist Grandparents defend and withstand challenges in an ongoing case.

Custody and Adoption for the Same Family

After previously representing Husband in a custody matter, the Firm represented his new spouse in adult adoption proceedings. The children, upon reaching the age of majority, were adopted by their stepmother whom they considered their parent for a number of years.