Appeals are an integral part of the litigation process, and yet require a skill set not all litigation attorneys possess. Regardless of whether you are the appealing party or the party opposing the appeal, Bagwell Holt Smith P.A.’s experienced team of appellate attorneys can provide you with high-quality representation that includes decades of experience writing successful appeals for the North Carolina courts. As a matter of practice, we always provide clients with an honest assessment of their case and will be straightforward in setting expectations. 

North Carolina courts impose strict filing timelines for appeals. Failure to meet these deadlines can result in a dismissal of the claim. If you have received an adverse ruling, you should consult with one of our qualified attorneys immediately.

We can assist with:

  • Reviewing and editing proposed filings
  • Conducting legal research on your case
  • Composing appellate briefs
  • Oral arguments
  • Handling legal issues that occur during appellate cases

If you would like to discuss filing an appeal or obtaining new representation for your current appeal, contact the attorneys at Bagwell Holt Smith P.A. today.